About Me

About me

and luck

I was lucky: I grew up with animals and dogs from a very young age, and gained an intuitive understanding of my best friends. Whether with my grandparents in their former practice with an integrated animal shelter or at home on the farm, I was always surrounded by – and excited to see – my four-legged friends. I learned even as a child to care for them and to look out for their well-being. I successfully completed my three-year apprenticeship as a dog hairdresser and animal groomer EFZ at Strickhof in 2014. In my training company (Lupo in Meilen), everything felt right from the start, and after graduation I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge for another two years. In 2016 I decided to end my time at the training company. This was not easy because my teacher had become a good friend in the meantime. She gave me the best possible start in my profession, and I am still thankful today. My curiosity led me to set off alone to discover the world. After some time, I found myself at the other end of the world in New Zealand grooming dogs in a dog salon. There I discovered that this work is more than my profession – it is my passion. And I knew it was time to return home to embark on a new adventure – opening my own salon. During my first months back home in Switzerland, I worked as a groomer on the Farm Im Bundi in Meilen and with a little bit of courage and also with a little bit of LUCK, I was able to renovate and professionally furnish the salon where I have been grooming dogs of friends and relatives since my apprenticeship. I found my dog Luna in a shelter and it took a lot of work, time and love, but now she is an absolutely calming influence, and has taken over the role of the salon mom. She has convinced tons of dogs that it can be very pleasant in the Salon of LUCK. To sum it up, this salon is my own place of LUCK and here is where I hope to share some of my LUCK with you and your four-legged friend!